Mag-Melt "C"  crucible furnaces

Advanced design

Standard features


With capacities of 1kg to 150kg, the Mag-Melt "C" crucible furnace body is magnetically screened utilizing air cooled shunt gap technology which removes the potential for stray field induced heating,

Installation is simplicity itself, the furnace is floor standing, the coil  lift system is encapsulated behind the rear plate which eliminates the need for trenches or pits which are common to other types of crucible furnace body.

The Mag-Melt  "C"  has the same principal features as the larger Mag-Melt tilting furnace but utilizes a vertical lifting system incorporating hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and a rail system. During the melt cycle the induction coil assembly sits around to crucible and is then lowered in preparation for crucible removal. Lifting is provided by a standard air line or in larger capacity bodies a hydraulic power pack is required.

*Heavy gauge steel construction
*Magnetically screened with shunt gap technology.
*Premium grade refractory pedestal. 
*Premium grade Pneumatic cylinders
*Spill tray to reduce metal loss.
*Premium grade slide bearings
*Low resistance water cooled copper induction coil
*Accepts all crucible types.

*Quick release fume extraction ring.
*Lift and swing lid.
*Inert gas cover.
*Custom design for special applications.
*interchangeable coils for different crucibles
*Bale out style.
*Lift out style.
*Bottom pour for special applications.

Compact furnace bodies designed specifically for the efficient melting of non ferrous and precious metals using all standard types of conductive or non conductive crucible.

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