The Pulsar inverter

Meltech's Pulsar inverter combines the best features of other inverter brands in one package and  has been logically designed to allow any engineer with competent electronic skills to fix and maintain the system    

Efficient and simple.
Straight line performance across the heat cycle with a wide coupling range makes melting difficult charge material easy, An ergonomic layout provides the operator with  visual feed back showing the machines operating conditions. The LED diagnostic indicator provides a display of limit conditions and information should a fault condition occur.

System Features.
50 to 750kW frequencies of 200 to 3,000Hz.
Operational efficiency of around 97%
Near unity power factor.
Single output or switched.
Powershare for simultaneous melting.
Back lit analog metering for darker environments
Closed circuit de ionized internal cooling system.
Internal water cooling sacrificial targets.
Water conductivity monitor. 
Operation and fault condition monitor.
Color coded  internal water circuits.
Designed and built in the European Union.
Energy monitor (Optional)

The reliable choice.
Ultra reliable parallel circuit provides a very low current duty across the machines switching devices, this coupled to a fast acting fully controlled rectifier provides ultimate protection against system faults. This system has proven capable of surviving sustained punishment without suffering component failure.

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