Mag-Melt tilting furnaces

Designed for the small and medium foundry, the Mag-Melt has a rugged all steel construction which offers a specification and performance more common to larger steel frame or shell furnaces. The system is magnetically screened utilizing air cooled shunt gap technology offering improved efficiency allowing a very high power to weight ratio.

In most variants, fussy shunt or yolk cooling circuits common to other steel furnaces have been designed out leaving the interior of the body uncluttered..

Simplification of the construction has been further developed by the removal of most of the combustible insulation materials within the furnace thus reducing ground fault or induced field loop problems associated with charred or burnt insulators. Clever use of refractory materials has eliminated the need for coil backing materials, mica, insulation tubes, top hat washers and so on.

*Magnetically screened with shunt gap technology.
*Premium grade hydraulic cylinders.
*Hydraulic hose burst protection.
*Premium grade bearings
*High conductivity copper induction coil
*Designed for crucible or rammed lining.
*Universal construction , right or left handed.
*Automatic rear guard (flush platform only)  

*Quick release lip fume extraction ring.
*Lift and swing lid.
*Refractory push out system.
*Load cell weighing.
*Pre tilt system for accurate pour control.
*Flush platform design with rear guard
*Indexing system for multiple pour applications.
*custom designs for special applications.

Advanced design

Simple construction

Standard features


Flush platform design

Standard design

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